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​I've served ~10 years as a management consultant to C Suites of Fortune 100 corporates, Not-for-profits and early stage startups across Asia, Europe and North America. My professional endeavors have allowed me to cross pollinate ideas and strategies across sectors such as Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Space and Agriculture. Most recently, I've extensively coached organizations to build business cases and successfully drive scaled adoption of emerging technologies in lieu of shareholder value creation.


I've also had the privilege to endure the entrepreneurial ordeal multiple times (one hit and one miss). My MBA journey at University of Toronto's Creative Destructive Lab inspired me to express my ambition through my passion of unlocking human potential. I see Continuum Health Ventures as an avenue to drive my desire for greatness of impact. It is where I believe I can forge something lasting for our species by combining my ambition, passion and acquired strengths.

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