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Ricky Mehra Managing Partner Continuum Health Ventures

My passion is in extending human healthspan. Along the way, I've been an academic benchtop scientist, a medtech/pharma analyst & strategic consultant, entrepreneur (exit to F300) and angel investor. I am lucky that I get to take all of my superpowers and play with some of the most amazing founders in the world to help usher in the future of healthcare.

After studying biochemical and molecular principles of the human body at the University of Toronto, I switched from academic laboratory to the global medtech and pharma space. I spent 8+ years as an analyst, strategic consultant and data provider to F500 and SME's alike covering US, EUI, EUII and BRIC. In the process, I gained a deep understanding in the Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, Women's & Men's health, Imaging and Robotics sectors. I then pivoted to explore a thesis that Value Based Care would take off in the 2010s (I was wrong). In the process, I launched a big-data predictive analytics startup and created a company with SaaS and DaaS models for the US Healthcare system. With a successful exit to IQVIA (F300; NYSE: IQV), I then began angel investing in the convergence of health and technology with a focus on healthspan extension. I also serve on some health tech advisory boards and mentor at the Creative Destruction Labs, Medtech Innovators and various other incubator/accelerators.

Continuum Health Ventures is the embodied next chapter in fast-forwarding the future of healthspan extension.

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