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Future Focused Minds to Exponential Medicine
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Ricky Mehra

Founder & General Partner

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Daniel Kraft

General Partner


University of Toronto Master's degree in molecular biology.  

Characterized de novo, ubiquitous zinc-finger transcription factors in the osteogenic pathway.

Undergraduate degree in Human Biology and Pharmacology 





From analyst, consultant, sales and marketing executive to new product innovator/developer.

Real time analytics sold to F500 global medical and pharmaceutical companies.



With Exit

Founded and operated a healthcare big-data predictive analytics company. In 2015, recognized one of Canada’s fastest growing companies Profit50 Startup list (#22). Successfully exited by a $23B market cap publicly traded global conglomerate (IQVIA) in 2016.


Board Advisor

Investor in VR/MEMS space (eye tracking), Machine Vision (dermatology diagnostics) and Material Science (force film med device/surg robot). 


Stanford M.D

Harvard Residency internal medicine & pediatrics: Fellowship Hem/Onc & bone marrow transplant & Stanford biodesign



Medical Device

Multiple scientific publications. immunology and stem cell related patents AND FDA APPROVED medical DEVICE

Founder &


Faculty Chair for Singularity University Medicine and Neroscience.

Founder/Chair of Exponential Medicine; exploring technology for biomedicine and healthcare.

Global Speaker


Speaker at 5 TED (MED) talks.

TedMed, XPrize, Qualcomm Life, Nokia and Anthem Advisor (past/present)

At a young age I developed a curiosity for why humans have differing healthspans. 


In high school, I volunteered time cryogenically harvesting organs from bugs fascinated by the notion of cryonics and metabolic stasis - thinking, if we can't solve it today, let's just freeze it. In an attempt to disentangle the complexity of our bodies, academically I studied Human Biology and Pharmacology at the University of Toronto. In my undergrad, I became fascinated by the brain, thinking it, along with consciousness was all that mattered. In a pursuit to learn more, At SickKids I did a short stint studying rat models for pediatric epilepsy, It was my first introduction to the world of Brain Machine Interfaces and correlating EEG to behavioral phenotypes. I was certain that we were embryonic in our understanding of the brain and the technology set to better understand it. Pivot. 


In graduate school, I studied ubiquitous zinc-finger transcription factors. Editing our code seemed like a means to ameliorate disease - enter CRISPR a decade+ later. Pivot, I had a thesis about the rate at which Sapiens was evolving from organic to inorganic (by way of medtech implants) and the impact that would have on healthspan. I spent 7+ years in the medtech analytics (acquired by a pharma market access firm) space as an analyst, consultant, and eventually built new data products for the healthcare industry (Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, Neruo, Women's and Men's health, Imaging and Robotics). Pivot.


It was along this journey that I became obsessed with big-data and the role that it could have on health outcomes. I founded a 

I am a futurist that has the opportunity to dovetail all my passions together. I am a researcher, analyst, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast and have serviced the healthcare and tech industries for 14+ years will 

I am a Stanford and Harvard-trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator with over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, I have served as faculty chair for Medicine at Singularity University since its inception in 2008, and am the founder and chair of Exponential Medicine, a program that explores convergent, rapidly developing technologies and their potential in biomedicine and healthcare. Following undergraduate degrees from Brown University and medical school at Stanford, I became Board Certified in both Internal Medicine & Pediatrics after completing a Harvard residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital & Boston Children's Hospital, and fellowships in hematology, oncology, and bone marrow transplantation at Stanford.

I am often called upon to speak to the future of health, medicine and technology and have given four TED and two TEDMED Talks and delivered keynotes to a diverse array of organizations.

I have multiple scientific publications (including in Nature and Science) and medical device, immunology, and stem cell-related patents through NIH-funded faculty positions with Stanford University School of Medicine and as clinical faculty for the pediatric bone marrow transplantation service at the University of California San Francisco.

I am an avid pilot and served in the Massachusetts and California Air National Guard as an officer and flight surgeon with F-15 & F-16 fighter Squadrons. I have conducted research on aerospace medicine that was published with NASA, with whom I was a finalist for astronaut selection.

Other professional activities:

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